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How important is it to make investments?

Due to the instability in the country’s economy many people, mainly micro and small business owners, have realized the importance of making investments to ensure their financial security.

However, a lack of knowledge about the subject may result in poor investment choices such as applying to a savings account or simply leaving money standing still in the checking account, reducing purchasing power.

So, one of the first things you need to understand is that investing, unlike saving, is to apply value by thinking about profitability over a given period, whether short, medium or long term.

What are the advantages of investing?

What are the advantages of investing?

Investing is the safest way to ensure stability to any venture in times of crisis, in addition to providing economic growth. But there are also other advantages, such as:

Conquering Independence

How do you see yourself 30 years from now? This is a question that we have to consider, since at present public welfare in Brazil has been a subject much discussed. Because of this, making a good investment is necessary to ensure your future independence.

Personal Financial Education: 8 Steps to Getting Your Personal

Investments such as government securities, for example, when applied to a 30-year period generate funds well above those paid by public and private pension funds.

Achieve objectives

If you have a dream that has not been realized due to lack of conditions, making investments is the surest way to start putting them into practice. It is therefore essential to set your short, medium and long term goals well.

Have financial security

Achieving financial security is the goal of virtually everyone. However, few can reach the finish line, as it is not easy to give up momentary desires for future stability.

Tip: Farmer’s Guide: How to Plan for the Next Harvest?

So, if you do not get lost along the way, it is crucial to understand the importance of financial planning. That is, from the moment you learn to master your spending, it becomes easier to achieve stability.

Maintain a financial reserve

Do you know those unforeseen circumstances that sometimes take us unawares and we have the solution to request loans with high interest rates? An investment serves to make your life easier when these eventualities arise.

What are the first steps to start investing?

What are the first steps to start investing?

1. Set your goal

Before starting the applications it is essential to define your goals, therefore it becomes easier not to be distracted by the way. Therefore, it is important that you know the expected return on that investment.

2. Learn about the market

Because of lack of knowledge in the area, the chances of you falling into a trap are high. So be always informed by books, news, articles, etc.

Tip: Understand the importance of credit unions to market growth

When there is an understanding of how the investment market works, decisions tend to be more accurate, increasing the chances of success.

3. Stipulate the initial value

There are many investment options and each requires different amounts. It has application that has higher initial value and others with lower initial value, including R $ 1.00. That way, knowing how much you have to invest is important in choosing which app will be best for your profile.

4. Set the time

It is very important to know how long you intend to keep the investment, because the longer the application period, the greater its profitability. It is worth remembering that your goals need to be in accordance with the established deadlines.

5. Know your investor profile

There are three investor profiles. Are they:

  • conservative: prefers security to greater profitability. The conservative prioritizes fixed income by investing little in variable income. Another characteristic is the preference for a faster redemption with a few losses;

  • Moderate: They take greater risks, but remain cautious in their decisions. They usually use both fixed and variable income;

  • aggressive: they are generally savvy investors who are willing to take big risks for greater profitability.

Given that, knowing your profile is very important to tailor financial planning and avoid unnecessary risks.

What are the ways to invest?

What are the ways to invest?

The financial market offers a variety of investments both for those who prioritize low profitability and risk as well as for those who want to make high investments in search of greater profitability. Therefore, it is important to study the possibilities that the financial market offers and choose the one that most suits your needs. Therefore, we separate these three investment options:

Public titles

Being considered low risk, government bonds are a way to lend money to the Federal Government. The remuneration for this type of investment is pre- or post-fixed. The application can be made by the Treasury Direct website after registering and hiring an accredited brokerage firm, which will be responsible for formalizing the purchase and sale of securities.


Business Loan-Guide to Making a Business Financial Planning

Every company has a common goal: to grow. For this to happen, it is important to take care of a number of internal factors, such as product, service and salaries, as well as external factors such as interest, inflation and falling economy. has details

This means that, in addition to the difficulties imposed by the scenario experienced by Brazil, the entrepreneurs themselves have not made the right decisions for the longevity of their business.

Careful planning of how to use the resources available


Without money, it is impossible to make a business go far. Careful planning of how to use the resources available is imperative to ensure the success of a company.

That’s why business planning is much more than spending control. It is able to determine short-, medium- and long-term financial goals, helping entrepreneurs make the best decisions for their business.

Good planning, the current situation of the company and, through a set of actions, allows:

  • Anticipate problems
  • Level your budget
  • Determine whether or not there is a lack of resources
  • Set goals
  • Make investments

Think about your household expenses. In order to have a healthy financial life, you must define your priorities, superfluous discard, and understand where and how your money is being invested.

Guide to Business Financial Planning

Now that you know the importance of conducting good business financial planning, it’s time to put it into practice.

As we said before, the main function of this tool is to help companies to have longevity. In a scenario like that of our country, this becomes even more imperative.

After all, according to IBGE, more than half of the companies founded in Brazil closed their doors after four years of activity (figures released in 2015, with data from 2013).

Take note. Follow our steps and achieve even more success in your company.

1. Do not mix individual with legal

It is very common for entrepreneurs to mix their personal finances with professionals, which always gets in the way and confuses the cash flow of the business. To make good business financial planning, it is essential to separate the individual from the legal entity.

Set a pro-labor for the members and follow it to the letter. That way, you can understand what the company’s current expenses are, to make adjustments and perform analyzes that will allow you to make the best decisions in the future.

2. Maintain a relationship with the financial

Dialogue with your financial sector should be part of the whole process within business financial planning. It’s no use setting goals, thinking goals if everything is not aligned with this important department of your company.

If you are the one who takes care of the financier, organize your weekly schedule and set aside time for planning. If it is a task for your partner, understand that it is essential that you have the characteristics to be a good professional in the industry. If you are a contracted person, you have no secret: look for the best.

3. Organize cash flow

Cash flow is the tool that allows you to make a financial control of the inflows and outflows of money of a company, based on a certain period of time. It is the heart of all financial planning.

Identify your company’s revenues and expenses and set a time frame for your reviews.

Put on paper what your accounts payable and receivable. This gives you an overview of your company’s situation, allowing you to identify problems and propose solutions.

4. Make predictions for the operational cycle


The operational cycle is the sum of all the events that occur in a company, from the purchase of the raw material to the sale of the product.

How to plan is also to anticipate scenarios, forecast your cycle, defining the costs required to maintain each stage of your production process.

It is in this step of financial planning that you avoid going through unimagined situations, having to resort to loans.

5. Beware of interest

As we explained in the previous step, if you do not make predictions for the operational cycle of your business, you run the risk of needing loans.

The high interest rates charged by this modality are among the great causes for ending the profits of a business and, consequently, its continuity. When conducting your business financial planning, always keep an emergency financial reserve for use in contingencies.

6. Negotiate prices and payments

One thing pulls the other: having a good price allows you to charge more interesting value to your consumer.

If you sell products, look for the best value for the purchase of your raw materials. If your company offers a service, check the amounts spent to keep it running and streamline your process.

Keep a bargaining agenda with your suppliers. This allows you to establish a relationship with them, to achieve higher payment terms and better purchase costs.

Then consider factors like production cost, your expectation of profit, fixed and variable expenses, and establish the best final price.

7. Track return on investment

The ROI, or return on investment, is nothing more than the ratio of the amount of money earned or lost as a result of an investment. In a very simplified way, it’s how much you earned versus how much you spent. To calculate it, it’s simple:

Investment profit minus investment cost

For example, if you invested $ 1,000 in advertising and sold $ 5,000 of your product, that means your ROI was 3%.

In order to achieve good business financial planning, it is very important to keep track of the ROI of your business. By finding out if your spending is giving you the expected return, you can reallocate your money to actions that work the most.

Did you like the tips? Leave your questions in the comments and start doing your business financial planning right now.

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Car title loans no credit check -Get online title loans without a credit check

A car has become indispensable for most people, but it remains an expensive purchase. Searching for the cheapest car loan can ensure that the price falls significantly.

Our tips in this article will hopefully help you to find a cheap car loan.

Get online title loans without a credit check

There are many differences between car loans. For example, there are different formulas that apply to second-hand cars or to the purchase of a new car. In addition, there are also numerous financing options, but the manufacturers also offer loans so that you can buy your car at a so-called interest rate of 0%. Although 0% seems attractive, you have to look for snakes in the grass.

The car show in January is the perfect time to buy a new car at attractive prices. Not only do providers keep a lot of actions, but banks also take part in this trend. Always ask your own bank and see if special promotions are being held there. If not, you can still compare car loans via our website. your vehicle will serve as collateral.

Financing forms

Personal loan.
A car loan will usually come in the form of a personal loan (= installment loan). Both interest, maturity and loan amount are fixed in advance. Legally an installment loan has to be repaid up to 2,500 euros within 24 months, the car will often be used as collateral.
Paying an advance yourself is not mandatory! However, if you want to pay in advance, you can safely request a discount from the bank.

Sale on payment.
In the case of a sale on installment, the car will serve as collateral. The advantage of this is that this form of financing is cheaper than a personal loan because there is less risk for the financial institution. An advance will have to be paid, for example, 15% of the financing amount.

Balloon credit.
Somewhat less known is the ballooning credit or the loan with residual value. In doing so, you will make small interim payments but have to repay the remaining balance at the end of the contract. This can be between 25% and 50% of the total loan amount. Pay attention to this, a classic car loan is usually much cheaper!

The 0% credit.
The car manufacturers can also provide loans that are usually at 0%. Interesting? That depends on the total cost! It is possible that you lose certain other discounts or that the purchase price for your old car becomes less interesting. Always request a simulation with credit at 0% and without.

Tips to find a cheap car loan

Negotiate first about the purchase price of the car itself! See which discounts you can get and which acquisition premiums different sellers can offer. Also, check the conditions if they provide credit to 0% and find the snakes in the grass. Then go along with one or more banks to compare loans. A credit of 0% given by the provider may not be the most interesting option if you count everything together.

Sometimes it may be more advantageous to borrow just a bit more or to keep the period slightly shorter. A loan is calculated on the term, but also on the amount. By making some minor adjustments, the APR (Annual Cost Percentage) looks completely different.

Compare car loans with different providers. Each institution uses different rates and formulas, which means that there may soon be differences in the total cost price.

Consider a large advance. Savings money does not increase that much, which makes it more interesting to pay a large advance and thus save interest on the loan.

New car or used car? With new cars, you can borrow up to 110% of the purchase price in most cases. In this way, you can use your loan to also pay the entry tax and your first insurance premium. Also, interest rates will usually be lower when it comes to buying a new car.

Also, negotiate file costs. Many people forget this, but here too there is a saving. Interest rates can be low, but if you pay towering file costs, low-interest rates are of little use.

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Non-bank Loans – Who Uses Loans Without BIK?

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Non-bank loans – who uses loans without BIK? Non-bank loans are becoming more and more popular from year to year. More and more people use them and more and more new loan companies appear on the market.

Where does this tendency come from? This is probably due to the fact that banks are increasingly tightening procedures for obtaining loans. The coefficients of calculating the creditworthiness of the customer have changed, the banks require more and more documents, the loan offer for the statement for new clients who do not have an account has completely disappeared.

Once, to get a loan from the bank even at PLN 50,000, it was enough for the customer’s statement about the place of employment and the amount of income obtained. The income statement was of course confirmed by telephone, but it was enough to sign the contract. In this way, getting a bank loan was possible a few years ago “on the spot”, ie within an hour of time.

With the appearance of the banking crisis, the form of loans in banks on the statement completely disappeared. As of today, only the regular customer of a bank whose income is influenced may obtain a loan for the statement. Some banks in such situations, on the basis of verification of receipts on account, offer their regular clients credit for a statement. Based on the account history – up to some amount, these are usually small amounts.

And in response to the needs of clients who often need to borrow money quickly, without certificates, without statements or even without the ability – there are offers of non-bank loans. It would seem that with the so-called quick loans are used only by customers who have a negative credit history or which banks refuse to credit. This is not true. Of course, such people also reach for non-bank loans, but they constitute about 60% of clients. Non-bank loans replaced old bank loans with a statement. Hence, often for quick non-bank loans, people who need to borrow money quickly, for example, can not get a certificate of earnings on the spot.

Non-bank loans are also often used by people who run a business. It is well known that the procedure for obtaining a bank loan in the case of business is very complex. Certificates from ZUS / US, PITs, company and personal account statements are not all that appealing, especially when it comes to a small sum of money, e.g. PLN 10,000.



Non-bank loans are regulated by banking law and the Consumer Credit Act. Thus, the customer, as in the case of a bank loan, has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, and also has the right to reimbursement of the costs in the event of early repayment of the loan. The terms of non-bank loans are becoming more and more attractive. As of today, there are many well-known companies that offer loans without certificates even up to PLN 15,000. Taking into account the interest rate on the loan at the level of 10% per annum, it looks really good. Non-bank loans are no longer associated with old usury or lawlessness and have become an excellent alternative to bank loans.

Low interest rate, no required certificates, the possibility of obtaining cash in one day, the possibility of early repayment including the return of some fees. All this makes non-bank loans a very attractive loan product that reaches for more and more people.

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

Non-bank loans are very easily available. The easiest and fastest way is to simply take out a loan from the credit office. As previously mentioned, up to PLN 15,000, it is usually enough to provide your ID card and you can count on the payment of money within a dozen or so minutes of signing the contract at the office. In order to obtain a non-bank loan, you need to earn income and pass a positive verification at the Economic Information Office (BIG).

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A business loan statement – is that a good idea?

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The regulations imposed on banks cause the necessity to introduce restrictions in granting business loans. The provisions regarding the granting of cash business loans have been tightened considerably, which directly translated into tightening the rules of verifying the creditworthiness of clients applying for additional cash. First of all, popular business loans for the statement have been limited, at which formalities are reduced to an absolute minimum.

The effects are easy to predict. Although the business loan for the statement is still a desirable financial product for customers and attractive from their point of view, it is much easier to get it from private lenders than in a bank. What are the advantages and disadvantages of business loans granted for a statement? What should you pay attention to? What formalities should you expect? Before deciding to take advantage of such business loans, it is worth knowing the answers to questions related to the procedures for their granting.

Simplified formalities – the main advantage of business loans on the statement

The basic issue that makes it difficult to obtain a cash business loan is to examine the creditworthiness of a potential client. The process of testing the creditworthiness and credibility of the client is a mandatory procedure in the case of applying for a business loan from a bank. From the person applying for a business loan or business loan, the bank will request a certificate from the workplace about the amount of earnings and carefully analyze its credit history. So reliability and timely repayment of existing business loans. Customers who are trying to get a business loan from a bank where they have a personal account with regular remuneration for work are somewhat easier.

The bank then has a current view of all receipts and expenses in a given account. However, also in this case, a bank employee may ask for a certificate, especially if the receipts differ significantly in the following months. Although many business loan companies advertise their services by declaring business loans without first testing their creditworthiness, they usually do not expect any additional documents. Of course, in addition to a personal ID or other document allowing identification. This does not mean that they are not interested in the customer’s income at all.

Decisive questions – what can you expect when completing the application?

A minimum of formalities does not mean that there is no formalities. It is possible parabank employees that they will not request documents confirming the amount declared in the statement. However, they will certainly make their own assessment of the solvency of the client, which is usually included in the regulations for granting business loans. When completing the business loan application, you can expect questions about the type of employment, the amount of earnings or the amount of monthly charges. Including utility bills and possible other installments, the number of children and other persons living in the joint household, as well as the purpose for which the business loan is to be earmarked. This seemingly innocent set of questions is a discreet method of checking credibility and solvency. An application for such a business loan can be made on this page .

A good solution when the client wants time

A business loan for a statement with formalities reduced to a minimum is a good idea for people who do not have time to wait long for a credit decision. They can arrange everything as soon as possible, preferably on the spot. This is also a proposal for those who do not like to explain themselves to an employer and explain what they need a certificate of earnings. And then wait for his exposure. Customers who have several, sometimes irregular, sources of livelihood, are also willing to take advantage of this option, so they would not be able to provide such a certificate at all. It is definitely not worth a lie and fictitiously overstate the amount of your income. Sooner or later, this can come to light and certainly will not serve to assess the credibility of the client. In addition, some business loan companies reserve the option of contacting the employer by phone and confirming the declared remuneration. It is worth remembering that such actions on the part of the business loan company each time require the written consent of a potential borrower.

What is worth paying attention to?

Statement business loans have their advantages over defects that should be taken into account when making decisions. When deciding on a business loan from a parabank, it is worth getting acquainted with the regulations. It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of commission and interest. Due to the higher credit risk, the interest rate is usually higher than in the case of bank business loans. This is the price you pay for time saving and simplified procedures. It is good practice to reliably comply with the timely repayment of the business loan. Because in other cases, penalty interest may be repaid, and the parabank will implement debt collection procedures. At present, there are a dozen entities dynamically acquiring customers and tempting with numerous promotions on the non-bank business loan market. The offer is very diverse, so it is worth comparing several proposals from different companies and choosing the best one.

Who can borrow a statement?

It is worth considering what group of people is the most suitable for lenders. It is not a surprise that financial institutions prefer people with permanent employment, preferably on the basis of a contract of employment. Plus, it will be a long work experience, because thanks to this, even if you are dismissed, the client will have several months’ notice and will have the opportunity to receive a severance payment.


A business loan in our name – what to do in the case of identity theft?

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Identity theft can happen to any of us. If the offender takes over our personal data, he can do different things with them – also take a business loan for us. What should we do in this situation?

Getting a business loan is not very difficult at the moment. We can also do it online – without having to leave the house. For this purpose, we can simply fill out the online form and confirm your identity. We can also get a business loan from stationary business loan companies that operate in each of the major cities.

If the business loan company does not take extra care when granting the business loan, then it can give it to a crook who uses stolen data.

How can you expose yourself to identity theft and how to counteract it?

Identity theft most often occurs when our data from the ID card get into the wrong hands. All you need is your name, PESEL number, and document number to take out a business loan.

Most often, the leakage of such data occurs when we pass a photocopy of a personal ID to someone. That is why we should oppose copying it, and only provide it for inspection, if necessary. Also, do not photograph your identity card and do not put pictures on the internet.

There are also situations on which we have no influence, for example, stealing data from a database in which personal ID data are stored.

What to do when the business loan was taken into our name?

If there is a case of taking a business loan in our name by a fraudster, the question often arises – what should we do then, so as not to expose ourselves to debt?

Most often, a victim of fraud finds out about him when a debt collection company contacts her or even a debt collector who wants to recover debt. In this case, it is not worth leaving the case and ignoring it – please report it to the relevant authorities.

First of all, we should go to the nearest Police unit or to the prosecutor’s office to report the identity theft, and to take out business loans on our behalf. We then submit a notification about the suspicion of committing a crime.

In addition, it is worth going to the bank or to the business loan company where the business loan was taken. When the enforcement of bailiffs or debt collection procedures has started, it is also worth informing the bailiff and the debt collection company.

Of course, it is best to report everything in writing with a receipt – we will then have confirmation that we have forwarded such documents.

We should also reserve a document that was used for identity theft. In this way, it can not be used any more.

In summary, if identity theft occurs, we should remember that the law is on our side then. Although the formalities may take us quite a long time and can be annoying, but it is worth to go through to “unscrew” the case and recover the money, as well as clean up from suspicions. It is worth remembering that the effect of identity theft may also be inscribed on the list of debtors!

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Loan for Indebted Installments

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If you have a debt problem and have no chance of getting a loan from either the bank or most non-bank companies, try the Lapuda cash offer.

The Lapuda cash company described today is a complete novelty on our loan market, a company that specializes in providing loans to indebted persons. It can not be concealed that such loans are bypassed by our loan industry. Lapuda cash is just meeting indebted people and allows you to get a loan of up to PLN 25,000.

Lapuda cash is not at all fresh on the loan market because it has been successfully operating since 2005, but only now has the brand debuted on the Polish market. The company originates from the United Kingdom and has so far granted loans for a huge amount of PLN 5 trillion (in terms of ours) to 230,000 clients.

What can we count on using the Lapuda cash offer – loan for indebted installments?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a loan offer without Retrodatabase, prepared mainly for people struggling with various types of debts. Therefore, both people with bank debts and a negative credit history at Retrodatabase have the chance to get extra cash. Also people with debt bailiffs. The main condition for obtaining financial support from Lapuda is to have a guarantor or, if you prefer, a buyer. The company does not give loans in a different way as with a person who will guarantee the loan. He is the person who is fully responsible for the debtor’s obligations towards the creditor (in this case, in the case of Lapuda Cash).

What conditions still need to be met to apply for a loan in Lapuda? Loans are granted to persons who are between 18 and 75 years old and who reside in Poland. However, it can not be a person who is in the process of proceedings for the declaration of consumer bankruptcy. All formalities related to obtaining a loan are dealt with remotely, when submitting an application by electronic means. Additional verification takes place via additional telephone calls, both with the borrower and with the loan guarantor.

The amount available under the loan offer for indebted in Lapuda cash is from PLN 2,500 to even PLN 25,000 with a repayment period from 12 to 48 months. The detailed cost of the loan can be found on the company’s website by entering the amount of the loan we are interested in along with the repayment period. Most loans are paid out to the guarantor’s account (not to the borrower’s account) within 24 to a maximum of 48 hours. In some situations, the loan granting process may be slowed down. Especially if we submit the application during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or if the company has a problem in contacting us or the guarantor. A loan may also delay the delivery of additional documents such as ID or bank statement.

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