A business loan in our name – what to do in the case of identity theft?

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Identity theft can happen to any of us. If the offender takes over our personal data, he can do different things with them – also take a business loan for us. What should we do in this situation?

Getting a business loan is not very difficult at the moment. We can also do it online – without having to leave the house. For this purpose, we can simply fill out the online form and confirm your identity. We can also get a business loan from stationary business loan companies that operate in each of the major cities.

If the business loan company does not take extra care when granting the business loan, then it can give it to a crook who uses stolen data.

How can you expose yourself to identity theft and how to counteract it?

Identity theft most often occurs when our data from the ID card get into the wrong hands. All you need is your name, PESEL number, and document number to take out a business loan.

Most often, the leakage of such data occurs when we pass a photocopy of a personal ID to someone. That is why we should oppose copying it, and only provide it for inspection, if necessary. Also, do not photograph your identity card and do not put pictures on the internet.

There are also situations on which we have no influence, for example, stealing data from a database in which personal ID data are stored.

What to do when the business loan was taken into our name?

If there is a case of taking a business loan in our name by a fraudster, the question often arises – what should we do then, so as not to expose ourselves to debt?

Most often, a victim of fraud finds out about him when a debt collection company contacts her or even a debt collector who wants to recover debt. In this case, it is not worth leaving the case and ignoring it – please report it to the relevant authorities.

First of all, we should go to the nearest Police unit or to the prosecutor’s office to report the identity theft, and to take out business loans on our behalf. We then submit a notification about the suspicion of committing a crime.

In addition, it is worth going to the bank or to the business loan company where the business loan was taken. When the enforcement of bailiffs or debt collection procedures has started, it is also worth informing the bailiff and the debt collection company.

Of course, it is best to report everything in writing with a receipt – we will then have confirmation that we have forwarded such documents.

We should also reserve a document that was used for identity theft. In this way, it can not be used any more.

In summary, if identity theft occurs, we should remember that the law is on our side then. Although the formalities may take us quite a long time and can be annoying, but it is worth to go through to “unscrew” the case and recover the money, as well as clean up from suspicions. It is worth remembering that the effect of identity theft may also be inscribed on the list of debtors!

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