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Non-bank Loans – Who Uses Loans Without BIK?

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Non-bank loans – who uses loans without BIK? Non-bank loans are becoming more and more popular from year to year. More and more people use them and more and more new loan companies appear on the market.

Where does this tendency come from? This is probably due to the fact that banks are increasingly tightening procedures for obtaining loans. The coefficients of calculating the creditworthiness of the customer have changed, the banks require more and more documents, the loan offer for the statement for new clients who do not have an account has completely disappeared.

Once, to get a loan from the bank even at PLN 50,000, it was enough for the customer’s statement about the place of employment and the amount of income obtained. The income statement was of course confirmed by telephone, but it was enough to sign the contract. In this way, getting a bank loan was possible a few years ago “on the spot”, ie within an hour of time.

With the appearance of the banking crisis, the form of loans in banks on the statement completely disappeared. As of today, only the regular customer of a bank whose income is influenced may obtain a loan for the statement. Some banks in such situations, on the basis of verification of receipts on account, offer their regular clients credit for a statement. Based on the account history – up to some amount, these are usually small amounts.

And in response to the needs of clients who often need to borrow money quickly, without certificates, without statements or even without the ability – there are offers of non-bank loans. It would seem that with the so-called quick loans are used only by customers who have a negative credit history or which banks refuse to credit. This is not true. Of course, such people also reach for non-bank loans, but they constitute about 60% of clients. Non-bank loans replaced old bank loans with a statement. Hence, often for quick non-bank loans, people who need to borrow money quickly, for example, can not get a certificate of earnings on the spot.

Non-bank loans are also often used by people who run a business. It is well known that the procedure for obtaining a bank loan in the case of business is very complex. Certificates from ZUS / US, PITs, company and personal account statements are not all that appealing, especially when it comes to a small sum of money, e.g. PLN 10,000.



Non-bank loans are regulated by banking law and the Consumer Credit Act. Thus, the customer, as in the case of a bank loan, has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, and also has the right to reimbursement of the costs in the event of early repayment of the loan. The terms of non-bank loans are becoming more and more attractive. As of today, there are many well-known companies that offer loans without certificates even up to PLN 15,000. Taking into account the interest rate on the loan at the level of 10% per annum, it looks really good. Non-bank loans are no longer associated with old usury or lawlessness and have become an excellent alternative to bank loans.

Low interest rate, no required certificates, the possibility of obtaining cash in one day, the possibility of early repayment including the return of some fees. All this makes non-bank loans a very attractive loan product that reaches for more and more people.

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

What conditions must be met to get a loan?

Non-bank loans are very easily available. The easiest and fastest way is to simply take out a loan from the credit office. As previously mentioned, up to PLN 15,000, it is usually enough to provide your ID card and you can count on the payment of money within a dozen or so minutes of signing the contract at the office. In order to obtain a non-bank loan, you need to earn income and pass a positive verification at the Economic Information Office (BIG).

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